1. Minimum 5 Computers with internet
  2. All Computer must be updated .
  3. Printer (Laser jet).
  4. UPS (1 VA) / Generator
  5. All legal Software not pirated
  6. Separate Theory , Practical Room
  7. Faculty must be well prepaired for their subjects

Manpower Requirement:

Administrator/Manager Knowledge of Computer Software Training, Experience, having Good Management Skills
Faculty Thorough knowledge of subject, disciplined, Student's problem solving capacity.
Counselor/Receptionist Pleasant personality with good communication skills, knowledge of computer courses, disciplined

Expectation From the Affiliated Study Centre:

The study centre should be at a prime location of their areas

The study centre should be able to have a centre at a prime location of the city/town. The centre would have separate class rooms, Computer Lab and Reception / office room. The centre would have proper ventilation and proper lighting .The block and sub block level centres may not have the above infrastructure but should have generally clean surroundings.

In Operations Each study centre would be provided with a detailed operational manual which provide guidelines to various aspects like.

  1. Internal systems and procedures
  2. External Interface
  3. Co-ordinations
  4. Purchase of classes and practical
  5. Examination procedure
  6. Certificate issue procedures